TRAKS Of Malaysia - Annual General Meeting Minutes


Minutes of TRAKS Annual General Meeting

Held on Sunday 20th July 2014 at Pusat Komuniti TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, the Chairman has highlighted the various achievements of the association, besides the regular Traks Trail Maintenace Days organized in Bukit Kiara and KDCF:

The new committee members are:

  • Julian Gomez - President
  • Rizal Hon - Vice President
  • Yong Foo Chuen - Secretary
  • Riza Shaharudin - Treasurer
  • Rebecca Thomason - Assistant Secretary
  • Johari Azizee (Committee Member) and Scott Roberts - nah, not Scott he’s too busy - but Stanley Ng (Committee Member)

A huge thanks for the awesome support that all of you, anonymously or collectively have been providing to TRAKS and, more importantly to maintain the trails and achieve what Bukit Kiara is today: the finest MTB trail network in Malaysia!

Download TRAKS AGM Minutes (2014).

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[Updated*] How To Install MalFreeMap + Topo Contour Lines On Garmin GPS 705 / Edge 800/810


There’s two ways of doing it.

Either you go to MFM-Garmin Map (cGPSmapper) Installation Step-by-Step Guide and follow the procedure - which can be a bit tricky for the non IT-savvy, especially if you want to add the topo contour lines, such as described in Free West Malaysia Topo GPS Map: MFM-SRTMWM 090918

Or, since we are very nice here at KLMBH and we just love our members, we did compile the MFM road and topo maps. Just download the all stuff from this link (162.8MB) and follow this simple procedure to install it on a Garmin Edge 800:

1. Insert a SD card of 2GB in the GPS

2. Replicate the Garmin internal file structure on the SD Card as follows:

  • root/Garmin
  • root/Garmin/Activities
  • root/Garmin/Courses
  • root/Garmin/NewFiles
  • root/Garmin/Workouts

3. Drag & drop the “gmapsupp.img” file in ‘root/Garmin’ location

4. Reboot the GPS; in Settings choose “malfreemaps” and uncheck “POI” unless  you do mind about every McDonalds and Petronas POI being displayed, which makes the map very confusing on a small screen

5. You have now the topo map for Malaysia including contours. For free he he.

You may want to use some .gpx files created by others or downloaded from the Net? Just drag & drop them in the folder root/Garmin/NewFiles. They will appear in “Courses” once the device is rebooted.

And stay on paper !!!

[*14 Aug. 2014 update] MFM map update as of 18 Aug. 2014:

  • Singapore - New!
  • Perlis, Kedah & Penang - New!
  • Perak - New!
  • Pahang, Terengganu & Kelantan - New!
  • KL & Selangor - New!
  • Negeri Sembilan - New!
  • Melaka - New!
  • Johor - New!
  • Sabah - New!
  • Sarawak - New!
  • Brunei
  • Thailand

BFM Radio Interview - Traks Of Malaysia and KDCF

Kota Damansara Forest Reserve sits in the middle of a sprawling urban landscape in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Threatened by development a few years ago, the forest was gazetted through efforts of environmental groups and local residents.

On the contrary, Bukit Kiara Forest, the gem of Kuala Lumpur has not been gazetted yet despite promises done by the government in 2007 and is encroached by developers.

BFM Radio 89.9 speak to Johari Azizee, Justine Vaz, Henry Goh, from the groups to learn the current status of the forest and how locals are using the green space.

The podcast on BFM Radio 89.9

A Massive Bukit Kiara Trail Map Including Trail Names, Waypoints And .gpx Files


All Bukit Kiara trails*, all of them, including their name and waypoints! Just for you… how cool is that?


*Except The Office, Coronary ByPass and the not-so-new Magic Carpet. And except the fence of course.