BFM Radio Interview - Traks Of Malaysia and KDCF

Kota Damansara Forest Reserve sits in the middle of a sprawling urban landscape in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Threatened by development a few years ago, the forest was gazetted through efforts of environmental groups and local residents.

On the contrary, Bukit Kiara Forest, the gem of Kuala Lumpur has not been gazetted yet despite promises done by the government in 2007 and is encroached by developers.

BFM Radio 89.9 speak to Johari Azizee, Justine Vaz, Henry Goh, from the groups to learn the current status of the forest and how locals are using the green space.

The podcast on BFM Radio 89.9

A Massive Bukit Kiara Trail Map Including Trail Names, Waypoints And .gpx Files


All Bukit Kiara trails*, all of them, including their name and waypoints! Just for you… how cool is that?


*Except The Office, Coronary ByPass and the not-so-new Magic Carpet. And except the fence of course.

Bukit Kiara: Letter To Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan


The 4K trail in Bukit Kiara, 30th June 2014

Gazette Status of Bukit Kiara and Rectification Works

On 27th January 2014, there was a meeting at the KPKT office in Putrajaya where both TRAKS and KPKT representatives shared their individual organization’s concerns and opinions with regards to Bukit Kiara.

Five months have passed since this meeting and TRAKS is expecting detailed updates with regards to the following issues, which were raised on 27th January 2014:

1. Firstly, what is the status of the proposed Bukit Kiara gazette?

  • KPKT representatives highlighted that one of the bottlenecks for the Bukit Kiara gazette was because Lot 54268, measuring 100.1 acres (Measat) had yet to be reverted back to Federal Government ownership; it was highlighted that an agreement was in the final stages of negotiation and post which, official paperwork would be submitted to the Federal Land Commissioner for rubber-stamping.
  • The Cabinet mooted the proposed gazette in 2007. It goes without saying that the Rakyat’s patience has long since worn out, whilst every other day we see more encroachment and wanton destruction of the surrounding environment.


2. Secondly, KPKT representatives highlighted that the soil which was removed on the left-hand side of the tarmac jogger’s loop and dumped over the right-hand side ridge was a reactive measure to ensure the down slope would not erode unsustainably as surveyors had come to the conclusion that the earth was being displaced. 

  • This reactive measure resulted in burying an original hand-built trail called 4K located at the bottom of the valley.
  • TRAKS were given assurances that the National Landscape Department’s contractors are aware of the soil build-up at the bottom of the valley and that rectification work would be carried out to return the trail to its original state.
  • As of today, no visible rectification work whatsoever has been conducted by any National Landscape Department appointed contractor. The rainy season has stopped – therefore, the question on top of everyone’s mind is whether this has been put on the backburner and if so, why?
  • If rectification work is planned, TRAKS demands to know the following:

a. Who are the contractors?
b. How will it be rectified?
c. When will work commence?

  • In the spirit of transparency, it is strongly suggested that a detailed rectification works plan be uploaded on the official Ministry’s website for public review and consultation.
  • Additionally, the next public briefing held on the 3rd Saturday of each month should clearly elucidate on the rectification plans and this briefing should be held at the 2nd guard house at the top of the hill where there is a higher concentration of Bukit Kiara users.
  • TRAKS has made it abundantly clear that we are 100% against any form of heavy machinery work within the trail network – therefore, all work must be performed by manual labor only.


3. Thirdly, along the jogger’s tarmac loop where National Landscape Department contractors attempted to fix a minor soil erosion issue, all sorts of building material has been left scattered on the right hand side of the road. This includes cement bags, blue tarpaulin and construction beams.

  • How long will this eyesore be kept in its current state? Please make it clear to your appointed contractors that work should be conducted in a professional and civic-minded manner.

p/s. no answer from Abdul Rahman Dalan nor Jabatan Landskap Negara since June 30th 2014.

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