TRAKS builds and maintains mountain bike trails all around Bukit Kiara and Kota Damansara Community Forest and further in Selangor, Malaysia and is fighting to save the 30km network of trails in Bukit Kiara and every piece of pristine jungle from developers.
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  • Bukit Kiara Trail Day, 18 Oct. 2014 - Areas Of Work


    Be awesome, join us tomorrow to help maintaining the trails, a massive amount of work needs to be done !

    From 4 Ways, closest to farthest:

    1. 4K
    - Cangkul / repair landslide on 4K

    2. Mission:
    - Switchbacks need repairing from the a**holes that skid around the corners

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    Bukit Kiara: Destruction On Boner Trail Resumes To The Benefit Of The Happy FewBukit Kiara: Destruction On Boner Trail Resumes To The Benefit Of The Happy Few

    Bukit Kiara: Destruction On Boner Trail Resumes To The Benefit Of The Happy Few

    Back in October 2013, we did alert the public about the Boner trail starting from Kiaramas Ayuria being destroyed in spite of the battle led by TRAKS, FoBK, MNS and others - See The Battle To Save Bukit Kiara, A National Treasure - By Chui Lim.

    After the works being halted for a year, destructions have resumed on both sides of the ridgeline facing Kiaramas Aruya and Kiaramas Danai condos, on the North-East part of Bukit Kiara. A massive clearing has been done lately. And we mean it, massive!

    To the benefit of the happy few… If you wonder who, see video on Youtube

    See previous coverage

    Plan C: Leave the log in place and ride around!

    Folks, see this log at the entrance of Plan C+? They have been put right where they are on purpose, to protect the water bar that Gillie and the lads have built.

    If people keep removing and chucking it off to the side the water bar will last a few weeks, then fast flooding waters will erode the trail quickly.

    Save the trails!

    Root Cutting In Bukit Kiara - The Demise Of A Tree Due To Ignorant A**holes


    For every root someone cuts in Bukit Kiara, KDCF or anywhere else for that matter, the consequences are this. STOP CUTTING ROOTS. If you can’t ride over them, get off your bike and walk … or place some rocks nestled against it to fill in the gaps.

    Thanks to one of our TRAKS members (Gillie), he documented the slow tilt of this particular tree after it’s lifeline was cut. This is on Snakes & Ladders.

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    The Bangkok Post: Cycling in the Malaysian playground | Bukit Kiara


    The Bangkok Post | Pongpet Mekloy | 18 Sep 2014

    I’d long heard stories about Bukit Kiara, the major playground for mountain bikers in Malaysia’s capital, but until a recent two-day visit to Kuala Lumpur had never actually seen it with my own two eyes….

    It was absolutely well worth the trip. I’m now back in Bangkok but the euphoria I felt during the ride on the Malaysian hill has still to fade. I flew to Kuala Lumpur with a good friend from Chiang Mai…

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    Bukit Kiara: Chipping Away At Our Green Lungs


    Bukit Kiara is a vibrant green lung in the heart of an urban jungle, but many are afraid that this pristine getaway is in danger of being lost.

    This beautiful nature park has still yet to be gazetted after the Government agreed to do so in 2006, and over the years regular joggers and cyclists have seen heavy machinery rolling up into the park and slowly changing their nature retreat.


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