TRAKS builds and maintains mountain bike trails all around Bukit Kiara and Kota Damansara Community Forest and further in Selangor, Malaysia and is fighting to save the 30km network of trails in Bukit Kiara and every piece of pristine jungle from developers.
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  • Bukit Kiara Trail Map Of Jabatan Landscape Negara Proposed Destruction

    This is how Jabatan Landscape Negara sees Bukit Kiara…

    • In red: existing roads (premix)
    • In green: proposed new roads (premix)
    • In orange: proposed new jogging track 
    • Proposed new entrance on Plan A, down Around The Mountain at the water tank
    • Car park at The Office

    Say bye bye to:

    • Pure Quill - done
    • Plan A - done
    • IUD - done
    • Upper Short / Lookout Point - done
    • Magic Carpet - re-routed for the West part, more damage to come obviously
    • The Office
    • Shriner’s Convention
    • Carnival
    • TNT

    While we’re at it, why not adding some nice chairlifts or golf carts to climb up Twin Peaks…?

    TRAKS Trail Day: Carnival and Flintstones @ Bukit Kiara

    Date : Saturday 6 September 2008
    Time : 2:30pm
    Meeting Point :
    1. Carnival Crew at Lembah Kiara aka Bike Wash.
    2. Flintstones Crew at Road below Flintstones trail.

    We cleared a tree at SnL yesterday and six trees between Flinstones and Carnival today. We also worked on the existing water bars and created new water bars on Carnival and lower Rock Garden. The work party started at 2:30pm and stopped at 5:30pm. Volunteers today are :

    1. Flintstones : Stan, HYH, Ai Ling, Roland and one Indon rubber tapper who helped us with the last tree.
    2. Carnival : Jun, Cougar, Keng, Joseph Koh, Derald Cook, Jeff Cole and Simon Jeffrey.

    Many thanks to all of you who came and braved the stubborn drizzle.

    Bukit Kiara Trail Day by TRAKS - 10 July 2007

    By Pat Brunsdon

    The crew who showed up for Kiara Trail Day 1 PM Saturday July 7 (in order of appearance): 

    Yish, Joe, Simon, Pat, Stan, Mike, Soon, Shi Fun, Tony, Umar.

    You guys are great. With all your help we were able to fix three problem sections of the Carnival loop with rock and fill, a total of 30 man hours of work. That’s 27 more hours than I have time for right now. Thanks a lot. A special mention to Yish and Stan for shouting the slab of 100 Plus. It never tasted so good as after hard labour like today.

    Pat doing herculean trail work 

    Pictures by Joe Adnan

    Bukit Kiara Trail Day - 06 July 2007

    By Pat Brunsdon

    Get your hands dirty in our TRAKS Kiara Trail Day!

    For those of you who would like a chance to get your hands dirty while doing some good for your local trails, here’s your chance. Traks will be organizing a trail maintenance day at Bukit Kiara to give some much needed attention to the Carnival Loop so that it’s ready for the upcoming KL MTB Carnival in August.

    TRAKS Bukit Kiara Trail Day 6 july 2007

    Date: 1 PM Saturday July 7 

    Location: Taman Lembah Kiara 

    Trail: Carnival Loop 

    Objective: Buffing and preventive maintenance including rock armouring of problem areas. 

    Meet at Taman Lembah Kiara at 1 PM. Tools of choice are changkuls, rakes, parangs, scythes or pruning shears. Work gloves are good idea, especially for rock work. Bring enough water and snacks for a 3 hour session. 

    Come on out and lend a hand. You can get a good workout, learn something about taking care of the trails, pick up some pointers on how to shave some seconds off your Carnival lap times, and go home with a nice feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile … all for free. Hey, if we can get somebody to front the dough you might even get a free 100 plus or two.